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Eternal Ink White Knight Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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This opaque white hue performs as an excellent high-lighting and tinting ink. The consistency is slightly thinner than the M Series Perfect White.

This particular shade of white is a fantastic choice for a wide range of uses, but the softer nature of the colour makes it a particularly good option for use within grey wash tattoo designs.

As such this colour is to be found within the Eternal Ink's grey wash range, a range of greys that are consistent to ensure better colour after healing. This particular option was also designed by Marshal Bennett, one of the world’s most renowned tattoo artists.

The ink is, like all Eternal Inks, produced using a selection of natural materials which help to ensure that it is not only a long lasting and beautiful colour, but also that the ink itself is a non-toxic and organic solution, which means that it is less abrasive against the skin and less likely to cause irritation.