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Dynamic Tattoo Ink Goblins Color Set 1oz

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Dynamic Color Goblinesque 1oz Set: Elevate Your Fantasy Creations with Enchanting Hues

Embark on a journey into the realm of fantasy with the exclusive 1oz Dynamic Color Goblinesque set. This collection is carefully curated to bring to life otherworldly tattoo art, featuring a 1oz bottle of each enchanting color: Lime Green, Leaf Green, Green, Violet, and Magenta.

Key Features:

  • Professional Quality Pre-Dispersed Inks: Crafted with pride in the USA, Dynamic Color stands as a symbol of premium quality tattoo ink. Our inks boast the industry's most impressive pigment content, ensuring a smooth flow rate for applications ranging from intricate detail work to bold outlining and shading.

  • Authentic and Hygienic: In a market flooded with counterfeit products, Dynamic Color sets itself apart by delivering authenticity. Each ink arrives in crystal clear PET bottles adorned with the Dynamic logo's anti-counterfeiting coating. Our commitment extends to heat seals, securing your sterilized product and bearing the Dynamic Color stamp of approval.

  • Time-Tested, Reliable Healing: Bid farewell to challenging healing processes and ensure client satisfaction. Dynamic Color tattoo inks facilitate a smooth application and vibrant healing, resulting in enduring, standout results. With a legacy dating back to 1990, our inks have proven their reliability over the years.

  • Bold, Bright, Long-Lasting Colors: Every artist deserves high-quality tattoo ink. Dynamic Color provides an expanded range of 30 high-pigment colors, allowing artists to create custom blends and push the boundaries of creative expression. With Dynamic Color in your needle, there are no limits—only possibilities.

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Committed to ethical practices, Dynamic Color products contain zero animal products and undergo no testing on animals. Prioritizing skin safety, environmental consciousness, and your overall well-being, our tattoo inks set a new standard in the industry.

Transport your clients into a world of magic and wonder with the Dynamic Color Goblinesque 1oz Set. From the vibrant greens of enchanted forests to the mystical allure of violets and magentas, this set is your key to unlocking the fantastical realms of tattoo artistry. Immerse yourself in the art of the extraordinary—because with Dynamic Color, your imagination knows no bounds.