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Stencil Stuff & Spray Stuff Combo Pack 250ml (8oz)

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Master your tattoo stencils with the Stencil Stuff Combo Pack

Elevate your stencil game and enjoy longer-lasting stencil artwork with the Stencil Stuff Combo Pack. Developed by seasoned tattoo artists in 2005, Stencil Stuff stands as a testament to precision and longevity in stencil application. Extensively crafted and tested in a laboratory environment, this product has been meticulously designed to be gentle on the skin and free from toxins, making it a go-to choice within the tattoo industry.

Stencil Stuff, a luxuriously creamy lotion, effortlessly yields crisp, precise, and immaculate stencil transfers. Its unique formulation also grants you the flexibility to reapply your stencil as needed, all with a simple swipe of alcohol for removal when adjustments are required.

For those who prefer freehand artistry, Spray Stuff offers a reliable solution for hand-drawn stencils. This remarkable product ensures that your marker and pen drawings adhere securely to the skin, instilling confidence right from the start of your tattooing process. Much like Stencil Stuff, Spray Stuff is crafted to be non-toxic and compatible with a wide range of skin types.

The Stencil Stuff & Spray Stuff Combo Pack includes one 250ml (8oz) bottle of each product, providing a comprehensive solution for stencil application.


  • Non-toxic and vegan-friendly
  • Delivers sharp and clean stencil transfers
  • Allows easy reusability of stencils
  • Ensures drawings stay firmly on the skin