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Spirit Green Freehand Transfer Paper 8.5 x 11" (100 Sheets)

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Introducing Spirit® Green Freehand Transfer Paper, the industry's first-ever green-coloured freehand sheet, specially crafted for unparalleled precision and creativity in tattoo artistry. Designed with a high visibility green dye suspended in a unique wax matrix, these transfer papers offer exceptional visibility, particularly on dark skin tones, ensuring that every intricate detail is captured flawlessly. The butter-smooth wax blend provides artists with a high degree of control, allowing for the creation of stencils with extreme detail.

Say goodbye to the need for tools or printers – Spirit® GREEN Freehand Transfer Paper simplifies the stencil creation process. No longer bound by machinery, artists can enjoy the freedom of hand drawing stencils with ease and confidence. The certified vegan formula ensures ethical standards, appealing to environmentally conscious artists.

  • First-ever Green Colour: Enhances visibility on dark skin tones, setting a new standard for freehand transfer sheets
  • High Visibility on Dark Skin Tones: The vibrant green dye ensures excellent visibility, catering to a diverse range of clients
  • Precise Control: The butter-smooth wax matrix allows for a high degree of control, enabling artists to create stencils with extreme detail
  • Tool-Free Stencil Creation: No tools or printers needed – embrace the simplicity of hand drawing stencils without compromising quality
  • Certified Vegan: Meeting ethical standards, this product is certified vegan, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious artists
  • 100 Freehand Units per Box: Each box contains 100 freehand transfer sheets, providing a generous supply for artists to unleash their creativity

Elevate your tattoo artistry to new heights with Spirit® GREEN Freehand Transfer Paper, where innovation meets precision. For optimal results, pair it with Spirit® GREEN Transfer Cream, available at Monsters Ink.