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Saferly Professional Tattoo Stencil Marker

by Saferly
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Your ultimate tool for creating stunning freehand stencil designs on your clients' skin

With these markers, you can draw directly on the skin, ensuring precision and artistry in your tattooing process. Each marker is thoughtfully designed with dual tips, offering both thick and thin options for versatile drawing capabilities.

Say goodbye to smudges and worries about your stencil fading away, as the ink from Saferly markers sticks exceptionally well, even after washing the site with green soap.

Here's what you can expect from these professional tattoo stencil markers:

  • Smudge-free, long-lasting ink for reliable results.
  • Dual tips that give you the freedom to create intricate details or bold outlines
  • Manufactured by Saferly, a trusted brand known for quality tattoo products
  • Available for purchase as individual pens or in a convenient pack of 25
To make the most of these markers, follow these simple directions:
  • Ensure the client's skin is thoroughly cleaned and dried before using the Saferly Stencil Marker
  • If you've used other markers with lighter ink for the initial sketch, switch to the Saferly marker for the final lines. Just make sure the previous marker has dried completely before layering the Saferly marker on top