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Panthera Ink Black Gold Tattoo Ink 150ml (5oz)

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Introducing Black Gold, a premium black tattoo ink that guarantees exceptional results. Its unique formula is meticulously crafted with natural fruit-derived ingredients, completely free from chemical preservatives, ensuring its safety for skin application. This specially designed formula not only promotes faster healing but also enhances colour intensity, resulting in a deep and enduring black hue that resists turning blue. Ideal for professional tattoo artists seeking outstanding performance and stunning outcomes in their skin artwork.

Panthera Ink sets the industry standard for high-quality tattoo inks. Every stage of production adheres to the most stringent safety standards, from raw material selection to ink production and sterilisation. Utilizing gamma ray technology for sterilisation, it ensures enhanced safety and minimises infection risks. Rigorous quality control procedures guarantee the highest quality and safety for each batch of ink produced.

Panthera Ink is the outcome of extensive research and development by Panthera Ink laboratories, using only pharmaceutical-grade raw materials to ensure a safe, dependable, and top-tier ink. This tattoo ink is versatile, suitable for all tattoo types and application techniques. With its bacteriological safety and superior quality, Panthera Ink stands as the ultimate choice for tattoo professionals aiming to provide their clients with the utmost quality and safety.

  • Exceptional results with deep and long-lasting black ink
  • Formulated with natural fruit-derived ingredients, free from chemical preservatives
  • Promotes faster healing and superior colour intensity
  • Complies with European legislation, free from carcinogenic substances
  • Sterilised using gamma ray technology for enhanced safety
  • Rigorous quality control procedures for consistent quality and safety
  • Suitable for all tattoo types and application techniques
  • Represents the ideal choice for tattoo professionals prioritising quality and safety in their work