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Medipal Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 240)

by Medipal
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Get ready to revolutionise your cleaning routine with Medipal Disinfectant Wipes! These wipes aren't just your average cleaning buddy – they're armed with a high-spec combination chemistry that blends DDAC and Triamine to create a powerhouse disinfectant. Say goodbye to germs and hello to a sparkling clean environment without the need for alcohol!

But wait, there's more! Each pack comes packed to the brim with 240 wipes, so you'll have plenty on hand for all your cleaning needs. Made from Tritex material, these wipes are not only strong in both directions but also hydrophilic, meaning they lock in moisture until you're ready to unleash their disinfecting power. Plus, they're Halal certified, alcohol and PHMB free, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

And here's the kicker – with just a 1-minute contact time, Medipal Disinfectant Wipes obliterate MRSA, MSSA, Corona Virus, and all enveloped viruses, making quick work of even the toughest germs. So whether you're in healthcare or care environments, these wipes are your go-to solution for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of non-invasive medical devices.

  • Utilises a high-spec combination chemistry of DDAC and Triamine for powerful disinfection without alcohol
  • Each pack contains 240 wipes, providing ample supply for all cleaning needs
  • Made from Tritex material, ensuring durability and strength in both directions
  • Hydrophilic technology locks in moisture until the wipe is agitated, ensuring efficient solution release
  • Halal certified, alcohol and PHMB free, ensuring safety and compliance with various standards
  • Provides 2-in-1 cleaning and disinfection for convenience and efficiency
  • Kills MRSA, MSSA, Corona Virus, and all enveloped viruses in just 1 minute contact time
  • Independently tested to European standards (EN), ensuring reliability and effectiveness