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Medipal Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipes for Surfaces (Pack of 200 Sachets)

by Medipal
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Get ready to kick germs to the curb with Medipal Alcohol Surface Wipes featuring 2% chlorhexidine! These bad boys are your secret weapon for disinfecting hard surfaces of non-invasive medical devices in healthcare and care settings.

But hey, they're not for just anyone – these wipes are strictly for the pros! Rest assured, they've been put through the wringer with independent testing to meet European standards like EN16615. Plus, each pack comes with a whopping 200 sachets, so you'll be armed and ready for battle against those pesky germs!


  • Powerful disinfection for hard surfaces of medical devices, ensuring a clean and safe environment
  • Specifically designed for professional use in healthcare and care environments
  • Independently tested to European standards (EN), guaranteeing effectiveness and reliability
  • Each pack contains 200 sachets, providing ample supply for ongoing disinfection needs
  • Contains 2% chlorhexidine and 70% alcohol, offering potent germ-fighting capabilities