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Medipal Alcohol Wipes (Multiple Sizes)

by Medipal
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Meet your new best friend in the fight against germs: Medipal Alcohol Wipes! Designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces of non-invasive medical devices in healthcare and care environments, these wipes are like little superheroes for cleanliness.

Packed with 70% Isopropylalcohol (IPA), they're ready to tackle even the toughest germs. And get this – they're not your average wipes. With ultra-low linting material, you get a controlled dosage every time, ensuring top-notch disinfection with each wipe. Plus, they've been put through the wringer with independent testing to meet European standards like EN16615. With 150 wipes in each pack, you'll have plenty of firepower to keep those surfaces sparkling clean!


  • Highly effective for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces of medical devices, ensuring a hygienic environment
  • Contains 70% Isopropylalcohol (IPA), providing powerful germ-killing capabilities
  • Ultra-low linting material ensures controlled dosage for optimum disinfection performance
  • Independently tested to European standards (EN), ensuring reliability and effectiveness
  • Each pack contains 150 wipes, offering ample supply for continuous disinfection needs
  • High strength material in both directions, ensuring durability during use
  • Very low linting minimises the risk of leaving contaminating fibers on surfaces
  • Excellent solution retention ensures even wetness throughout the wipe, maximising effectiveness
  • Efficient solution release ensures active ingredients are transferred to the surface, enhancing disinfection effectiveness