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Hive Caps Bag of 50 (200 Cups) - Various Colours

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Introducing Hive Caps, the innovative hexagonal ink cap revolution designed for tattoo artists seeking ease, stability, and customisation.

These caps offer an intuitive setup, allowing artists to swiftly grab, place, and get to work. Their snap-together feature expands color choices, enabling artists to personalise their workspace while optimising surface area.

Available in bags of 50 pieces (200 cups) for convenience and extended use.


  • Swift and simple setup for immediate use
  • Snap-together design expands colour options and maximises workspace
  • Reversible feature offers dual-sized caps, perfect for controlling ink usage or combining sizes
  • Stackable design prevents ink from drying during long sessions and reduces contamination risk, ideal for conventions
  • Measuring level line on larger cap ensures consistent mixes across sessions
  • Stable construction without the need for ointment to secure to the work surface
  • Quick breakaway for effortless disposal, enhancing efficiency
  • Dimensions: 6.1cm (length) x 3.5cm (width) x 1.9cm (height)
  • Small cap: 1214mm inner diameter; Larger cap: 1416mm inner diameter