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Eternal Portrait Ink Nude Blush Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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Within the portrait colors range, you'll discover an array of captivating shades, from the natural flesh tones to bold and vibrant pinks, purples, blues, and greens.

Among these choices, we present you with "Nude Blush," a classic skin tone option that exudes both quality and endurance. It's like a timeless warm flesh tone that can seamlessly integrate into a wide array of portrait tattoo designs, regardless of the level of detail or complexity your client desires.

Rest assured, this ink is produced to the same rigorous standards as all Eternal inks, ensuring that it's crafted from natural materials that not only deliver strong and long-lasting color on the skin but also guarantee a non-toxic, organic option for enhanced comfort.

The organic nature of this pigment ink is a boon for your clients. It's less abrasive against the skin, which means it's less likely to cause irritation during application and, subsequently, more likely to facilitate proper healing. To ensure this high standard, all our inks are rigorously sterilized before distribution, eliminating the potential culprits of irritation, allergic reactions, and infections.


  • Diverse Range: The portrait colors range offers a broad spectrum of shades, allowing you to explore various artistic expressions, from natural tones to bold and vibrant colors.

  • Classic Skin Tone: Nude Blush, a classic skin tone option, delivers quality and endurance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of portrait tattoo designs.

  • Quality Assurance: Just like all Eternal inks, this option is crafted from natural materials, guaranteeing strength and longevity on the skin. It's non-toxic and organic, prioritizing client comfort.

  • Enhanced Comfort: The organic pigment ink is gentler on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation during application and promoting proper healing.

  • Safety First: To ensure the highest level of safety, we sterilize our inks, eliminating potential culprits of irritation, allergic reactions, and infections. Your clients' comfort and well-being are our top priorities.