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Eternal Ink Seafoam Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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A cooler version of Honeydew.

This is a strong and very attractive shade of light green, offering a pale and soft appearance that is certain to compliment any style of tattoo, regardless of size.

The colour is subtle enough to be used within larger sections without drawing attention away from the finer details of the design, but of course can also be used to highlight those more intricate details; particularly in a darker design.

Soft greens like this one offer a natural, vibrant selection that can provide the perfect addition when incorporated into a design. This ink, like all Eternal Inks, is produced using a selection of natural ingredients that not only help to ensure the colour is a durable and attractive one, but also ensures that the ink itself is a non-toxic and organic option. This helps to make it a particularly popular option as organic pigment inks like this one are less likely to cause irritation when applied to the skin, due to the less abrasive nature of the ink.

Please note: Packaging may vary between a white and a yellow label.