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Empire Inks Ivory Black Tattoo Ink (Multiple Sizes)

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Empire darkest black.  Ideal for packing black, not meant to be outlined with

Empire Inks, the brainchild of Colt Brown, first came to life in 2012. As an artist renowned for their black and gray portraits, Colt understood the profound significance of ink consistency and workability. With a passionate commitment to perfection, Colt designed the Empire Inks Graywash Series to be a game-changer.

These inks are not just ink; they're a testament to the art of tattooing. Crafted with pigments ground to an e-fine base powder, they glide into the skin with unparalleled ease, producing the silkiest gray tones imaginable. Unwanted peppered shading? Say goodbye to that concern.

Empire Inks proudly calls the USA home, produced in a 100% sterile environment. Their commitment to precision is unwavering, utilizing an EU-certified pigment dispenser to measure, disperse, blend, and color-match each drop, ensuring unwavering consistency and accuracy. But there's more; they're the vegan-friendly choice, embodying a deep respect for the environment.

Introducing Ivory Black, the masterpiece of darkness in Empire Inks' portfolio. A cool shade of black, it harmonizes seamlessly with warmer tones, making it Colt Brown's preferred ink for heavy saturation.


  • Artistic Vision: Empire Inks are Colt Brown's dedication to achieving the perfect gray wash ink. With pigments ground to an e-fine base powder, they're the key to smooth gray tones and minimal peppered shading.

  • American Craftsmanship: Made in the USA within a 100% sterile environment, Empire Inks represent the highest quality standards.

  • Precision Redefined: The EU-certified pigment dispenser ensures unmatched accuracy and consistency in every drop.

  • Environmentally Responsible: As a vegan-friendly choice, Empire Inks demonstrate a strong commitment to eco-friendliness.

  • Ivory Black Excellence: The darkest pigment in the Empire Inks Graywash Series, Ivory Black is Colt Brown's go-to choice for heavy saturation, providing an exceptional tattooing experience.