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Easypiercing Hygienic Solution 50ml

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Introducing Easypiercing Hygienic Solution, a powerful disinfectant crafted specifically for piercing care. Designed to work quickly and effectively, this solution targets a wide range of bacteria, ensuring a thorough and efficient disinfection process. Easypiercing Hygienic Solution serves multiple purposes – from sanitising the skin before piercing to disinfecting both the skin and piercing during changes.

For optimal use, simply spray the Hygienic Solution directly onto a clean and dry piercing, allowing it to air dry. It is important not to exceed its usage to more than twice a day. For prolonged or frequent use, consider incorporating Easypiercing Soft Cleansing Gel into your routine for a gentle and balanced cleansing experience.

Use no more than twice a day.


  • Powerful disinfectant for piercing care
  • Quick and effective action against bacteria
  • Ideal for use before piercing and during changes
  • Convenient spray application for easy use

Make Easypiercing Hygienic Solution your go-to choice for a fast and effective solution to disinfect your piercing, ensuring a clean and hygienic healing process.