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Biotat Envy Numbing Tattoo Glide

by Biotat
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A natural, numbing tattoo glide

Harness the potent natural numbing properties of Clove Oil, Vegan Honey, and Lavender to effectively numb the targeted area while minimising redness and inflammation with the Biotat Blush Numbing Tattoo Glide, Biotat's original tattoo glide with a touch of natural green colouring.

What's the difference between the butter and the glides?

Glides are softer and mainly used for the tattoo process. They glide across the skin making it easy to wipe away ink. The butters are Shea butter based and also used for the tattooing process whilst also great as an aftercare. Totally different texture. The hybrid is a halfway house. Part butter and part glide.

For Artists

Use this like any glide or process butter with the added benefits of numbing the area whilst dramatically reducing swelling and redness. This product does not puff up the skin making it difficult to tattoo, your client will be more at ease throughout. The glide is super smooth and won't clog needles or erase your transfer.
 Artists love the transparent glide, it allows you to work on black and grey and lighter colours with greater accuracy.


Apply a small amount sparingly as part of your aftercare routine, 2-3 times daily.


  • Available in a small 100g tub or a large 500g tub
  • Made in the UK
  • All natural
  • Cruelty free
  • Colourant free