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Eternal Ink White Tattoo Ink (Various Sizes)

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Eternal Ink’s White has stood the test of time and remains a top performer. Consistency is smooth with high opacity. Ideal for tinting colours or straight from the bottle for bright white areas or highlights.

White is one of the colours you may find yourself using more often than you first thought, so it is important that you have some at hand for when you need it. This is of course a particular good option for white, with it being a long lasting and particularly bold shade, but it still heals well to appear natural on the skin when applied.

There are plenty of uses for this particular shade of ink. The ink is, like all Eternal Ink's, produced using a selection of natural materials which help to ensure that it is not only a long lasting and beautiful colour, but also that the ink itself is a non-toxic and organic solution, which means that it is less abrasive against the skin and less likely to cause irritation.


  • 30ml (1oz)
  • 60ml (2oz)
  • 120ml (4oz)