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Unigloves Select Black Long Cuff Latex Gloves

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The Unigloves Black Powder Free Latex Extended/Long Cuff Gloves are noticeably longer than standard protective gloves so offers tattoo artists added hygiene advantages against splattering ink or other fluids.

These high quality latex gloves are part of the product range from Uniglove, a large medical supply company. These particular Select gloves are designed for use in the tattoo industry.

Their distinct black colour helps to disguise and residual ink stains from the tattooing session, whilst maintaining the protection needed to prevent contamination. These gloves are powder free to help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction, either from you or your clients when they come into contact with the gloves. The powder can also contaminate the freshly tattooed area of skin, as well as the hygienic studio area being used.

They have been created specifically to ensure that they hypoallergenic. These gloves also feature a micro roughened palm to increase the levels of grip needed to accurately control the tattoo machine and piercing instrument you may be using. Uniglove have included rolling edges on these gloves to ensure that they are easy to put on and remove after extended periods of time, preventing them from sticking to the skin.


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