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Recovery Stencil Lock (Various Sizes)

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Enhance your tattooing process with Recovery Stencil Application Enhancing Cream, designed to create precise and long-lasting tattoo stencil lines.

Use before applying a stencil for clear lines.


  • Thin and light consistency for improved stencil longevity
  • Creates clear and defined stencils to follow
  • Non-toxic formula to prevent irritation
  • Promotes healing for the tattooed area
  • Free from parabens, dyes and perfumes
  • Interacts safely with tattoo rinse solutions

How to Use

  • Thoroughly clean the skin to remove dirt, grease, and oils
  • Apply Stencil Lock over the entire area where the stencil will be placed
  • Allow the Stencil Lock to dry until the skin feels slightly tacky
  • Apply the stencil over the prepared area
  • Achieve exceptional precision and lasting results with Recovery Stencil Application Enhancing Cream, ensuring a seamless tattooing experience.