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Recovery Purified Saline Wash Solution Spray 44ml (1.5 fl. oz)

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Revitalise and support the healing process of new or irritated piercings with Recovery Purified Saline Wash. This vegan-friendly formula is not only environmentally friendly but also free from CFCs, drugs, additives, and preservatives. Crafted with care, the gentle solution, comprised of purified water and sodium chloride, serves not only to cleanse away dirt and debris but also to provide a soothing touch for irritated skin.

The bottle housing Recovery Saline Spray is crafted from 99.5% aluminium, making it an eco-conscious choice, and it is fully recyclable. The inclusion of a 360-degree dispenser ensures that you can effortlessly spray from any position, making it ideal for reaching those challenging-to-access piercings.


  • 100% pure saline spray
  • Recyclable canister
  • Free from ozone-depleting ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly

Opt for the Recovery Saline Spray for a pure and sustainable solution that promotes cleanliness, refreshment, and healing for your piercings.