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Panthera Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Finish Black Tattoo Ink 150ml (5oz)

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Introducing Panthera Smooth Finish, the result of a collaboration with the renowned realistic tattoo master, Ralf Nonnweiler.

In this two-step ink set, the second step, "Finish," contains an even lower pigment concentration and is specially crafted for the final stages of your tattoo artwork. "Finish" empowers you to fully saturate even the lightest areas of your tattoo that you may have previously left untouched. Notably, when your tattoo heals, the areas saturated with "Finish" will retain their vibrancy and permanence in the skin.


  • Designed in collaboration with Ralf Nonnweiler, a master of realistic tattoo art
  • "Finish" ink is perfect for the final stages of your tattoo, with an ultra-low pigment concentration
  • Achieve complete saturation, even in the lightest areas of your tattoo
  • Ensures long-lasting vibrancy and permanence as the tattoo heals
  • All of Panthera's inks are sterilised using gamma rays and certified in accordance with EU regulations, guaranteeing safety and quality for your peace of mind