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Panthera Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Blending Black Tattoo Ink 150ml (5oz)

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Introducing Panthera Smooth Blending, born from a collaboration with the renowned master of realistic tattoo art, Ralf Nonnweiler.

This unique formulation features a lower pigment concentration compared to Panthera Light Sumy, making it the perfect choice for very light shades in your tattoo work. Smooth Blending is a versatile ink that excels in enhancing portraits, particularly in areas such as the forehead or the lighter sections of the nose. It enables you to craft lifelike protuberances and wrinkles in the lightest areas, maintaining a clean and natural appearance.

Moreover, it's your go-to solution for achieving the coveted skin's porous texture, elevating your tattoo artistry to new heights.


  • Crafted in collaboration with Ralf Nonnweiler, a master of realistic tattoo art
  • Ideal for very light shades, ensuring precise results
  • Enhance portraits, especially in delicate areas like the forehead and nose
  • Create lifelike protuberances and wrinkles without appearing too dark or dirty
  • Achieve a realistic skin's porous appearance with ease
  • Rest assured, all of Panthera's inks undergo sterilisation with gamma rays and adhere to EU regulations, ensuring safety and quality standards are met