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Hustle Butter Hustle Helper Comfort Enhancing Antimicrobial Wash 148ml (5oz)

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Unleash your choice with Hustle Helper, the versatile tattoo numbing solution that lets you decide how you want to use it - Foam, Spray, or Splash! Say farewell to the traditional green soap and welcome the ultimate comfort enhancer trusted by tattoo artists worldwide.

Here's why you'll love it:

🌱 Use Your Way: Whether you prefer a foam, spray, or splash, Hustle Helper adapts to your preference for a personalised tattooing experience.
🧼 Numbing Power: This dynamic solution ensures your comfort during the tattooing process, making it a breeze.
🌡️ Soothing Sensation: It's not just about numbing; it also soothes irritated areas, so you can focus on your art without distraction.
🧽 Sanitised Perfection: Maintains a sanitised tattooing area with antimicrobial ingredients, ensuring a clean canvas for your work.
🌿 Vegan-Friendly: Crafted with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, it's a conscientious choice for both artists and clients.
🐾 Cruelty-Free: Certified cruelty-free, Hustle Helper reflects our commitment to ethical practices.

With Hustle Helper, you're not just enhancing the comfort of the user; you're embracing a versatile, tattoo-friendly companion that cares for your skin, your art, and the planet.