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Eternal Portrait Ink Sea Shell Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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At Eternal, we're proud to offer a diverse range of portrait tattoo inks, crafted to cater to the ever-growing demand for portrait tattoos in the industry.

Our selection features a wide array of flesh colors, from cooler and paler skin tones to the richer, warmer, and darker shades. But we don't stop there - you'll also find blues, greens, blacks, whites, reds, pinks, and purples among our inks, perfect for adding intricate details and lifelike depth to your artwork.

Among our collection is this soft, medium skin tone ink, an excellent choice for larger areas within your design without overshadowing the finer details. It's also a versatile contrast color for both lighter and darker designs, adding a touch of creativity to your palette.

We understand the importance of convenience and economy in your creative journey, which is why our ink is available in some of the most popular sizes. This ensures you have the right amount of ink for your project while helping you reduce costs and minimize material waste.

Our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering. Just like all Eternal inks, this one is crafted from natural materials, making it organic and non-toxic. To ensure the utmost safety, we subject our ink to sterilization, eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria. And rest assured, we never freeze our ink before distributing, so everything you receive from us is fresh and clean.


  • Diverse Color Palette: Our range offers a plethora of flesh tones and vibrant colors, allowing you to express your artistry and create lifelike details in your portrait tattoos.

  • Versatility and Contrast: The soft, medium skin tone ink is versatile, perfect for larger areas, and adds an intriguing contrast to both lighter and darker designs.

  • Flexible Sizing: Our ink comes in popular sizes, ensuring you have the right amount for your project, reducing costs and material waste.

  • Quality and Safety: Crafted from natural materials, our ink is organic and non-toxic, prioritizing both the quality of your work and the comfort of your clients.

  • Sterilization for Safety: We take extra measures to ensure safety by sterilizing our ink, eliminating any potential harmful bacteria.

  • Freshness Guarantee: You can trust that everything you receive from us is clean and fresh, as we never freeze our ink before distribution.