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Eternal Ink Rich Pineda Fair Maiden Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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Meet the masterful tattoo artist, Rich Pineda, who breathes life into his captivating portraits, infusing them with the vibrant warmth of existence.

With a saturated palette of flesh hues, Rich employs a dramatic and soulful approach to color and light that defies the conventional boundaries of portrait realism.

But that's not all; Rich Pineda joined creative forces with the renowned Eternal Ink to craft something truly extraordinary - the Flesh to Death signature series ink set. Together, they've curated a collection of 12 striking hues, much like a painter selecting the perfect pigments. This journey begins with the delicate Fair Maiden, as if starting with a gentle brushstroke on a canvas. Then, it seamlessly transitions through nine unique flesh tones, from the lighter Cream & Sugar to the richly saturated Renaissance, mirroring the nuances of human skin. The story concludes with three deep, enigmatic dark tones, akin to adding depth to a powerful work of art.

Elevate your tattoo artistry with the Rich Pineda Flesh to Death ink set, a palette that's been carefully handpicked to infuse your creations with the radiant brilliance that only a true artist can deliver.

Vivid Artistry: Rich Pineda's ink set brings the soulful vibrancy of his portraits to your tattoos, giving your art a vibrant and lifelike quality.

Masterful Pigments: Crafted with a deep understanding of color and light, this ink set allows you to create captivating, realistic tattoos that push the boundaries of portrait realism.

Collaborative Excellence: Rich Pineda's collaboration with Eternal Ink showcases the passion and expertise of two artistic powerhouses.

Complete Color Range: The Flesh to Death ink set features 12 striking hues, ranging from the delicate Fair Maiden to deep, mysterious dark tones, providing a diverse color palette for your creations.

Artistic Evolution: Elevate your tattoo artistry and immerse your clients in the brilliance of handpicked pigments, bringing a true artist's touch to your work.