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Eternal Ink Rich Pineda Dirty Scarlet Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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Renowned tattoo artisan Rich Pineda breathes vivid life into his mesmerizing portraits, infusing them with the radiant warmth of existence.

Employing a richly saturated spectrum of flesh hues, his dynamic approach to color and light redefines the very essence of portrait realism. Pineda's artistic brilliance shines through in his collaboration with Eternal Ink, culminating in the creation of the exclusive Flesh to Death signature series ink set. Within this extraordinary collection, discover 12 striking hues, commencing with the delicate Fair Maiden, followed by a seamless transition through nine flesh tones, from the lighter Cream & Sugar to the fully saturated Renaissance, ultimately culminating with three deep, enigmatic shades. Elevate your tattoo craftsmanship with the Rich Pineda Flesh to Death ink set and infuse your creations with the resplendent brilliance of these thoughtfully selected pigments.