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Eternal Ink Liz Cook Antique Fuchsia Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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A heavily muted version of Fuchsia.

While you might think of subtle peach and tan shades when you think about portrait inks, there is certainly times when you need something with a little more colour to it, such as this Antique Fuchsia.

Liz Cook, a world famous portrait tattoo artist with more than a little experience in the industry, designed this selection of colours for Eternal's portrait range, which offers a unique assortment of pigments ideal for producing realistic, bold and beautiful portrait tattoos.

The ink is, of course, produced using an assortment of the best possible organic materials, meaning that the end result is not only an organic pigment ink, but a non-toxic one, which is certainly something that clients appreciate and can ensure their comfort. The nature of the ink means that it is as gentle on your client’s skin as ink can be, reducing the likelihood that your clients will have a reaction to the ink, even if they have sensitive skin.