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Eternal Ink Lipstick Red Tattoo Ink (Various Sizes)

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The best red you will ever use.

A good, bold and strong shade of red can be difficult to find but can have an excellent impact on the design of the tattoo you’re planning, as the right choice of colours can often make a huge difference to a tattoo design.

This particular colour is a strong and passionate shade of red, often associated with the red of women’s lipstick, which was once called witchcraft due to its ability to seduce men, certainly making it a powerful and seductive shade to include in your tattoo works.

The ink is of a high standard of production, using a selection of natural materials to provide not only a long lasting, vibrant colour but also to ensure that the ink produced is a non-toxic, organic option. The organic nature of the ink is particularly helpful, as the organic pigment ink is less likely to cause a reaction on the skin.


  • 30ml (1oz)
  • 60ml (2oz)