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Eternal Ink Lavender Tattoo Ink 30ml (1oz)

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A lighter medium purple.

Lavender is a beautiful, soft shade of purple that can be ideal for a wide range of designs, regardless of whether that means featuring the colour in a more subtle and small area to draw attention to a particular detail or section of the design, or whether that means using it to fill a larger area.

The colour is strong enough alone to stand out, but soft enough to blend well with other colours without drawing attention away from the finer details of your designs.

The ink is of a high quality, much like all Eternal Inks, and is produced using a selection of natural ingredients which help to ensure that the ink itself is not only strong of colour and long lasting but also non-toxic and organic. It is the organic quality of the ink in particular that can be useful, as this reduces the chances of the ink causing irritation to the skin.