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Dynamic Color Greywash Tattoo Ink Set 120ml (4oz)

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After years of many requests, Dynamic were thrilled to unveil this creation: the Dynamic Grey Wash Set. Crafted meticulously from their time-tested original black formula, these unique grey washes are the culmination of extensive research, countless trials, and feedback from esteemed black and grey tattoo artists. The goal was to establish a standardised set of four bottles, each containing a formula designed to provide you with the ultimate tattooing experience.


  • #20: The lightest wash in the set, offering a thin application for delicate shading
  • #40: A smooth and light to mid-tone wash that effortlessly transitions in your artistry
  • #60: Dive into the deep and silky world of true medium-toned washes, offering richness and depth to your creations
  • #80: The darkest in the set, a full-bodied wash for bold and striking designs


  • Artist-Approved Formulas: Developed in collaboration with black and grey artists, ensuring formulas that meet the highest industry standards
  • Hygiene and Purity: Dynamic's commitment to hospital-grade water and rigorous sterilisation processes guarantees the purity and safety of their washes
  • Client Comfort: The addition of witch hazel not only benefits your artwork but also adds a soothing touch to enhance your clients' experience
  • Diverse Shade Range: With four precisely crafted shades, this set accommodates a wide spectrum of tattooing needs
  • Smooth Application: Dynamic Grey Wash Set enables artists to achieve smooth transitions and impeccable shading
  • Efficiency: Eliminate the need for extensive mixing and testing with these pre-formulated washes
  • Professional Grade: Trusted by professional tattoo artists for consistent and exceptional results.
  • Rich and Bold: From the lightest wash to the darkest, achieve the full spectrum of tones in your tattoo artistry